Sockless Stylish Man

Yes..I know! Most of ladies LOATH seeing a man wearing shoes without socks...I am one of those ladies...BUT..there is an exception. If you are a clean stylish man and it's the hot get a pass.
Clean your feet regularly and dry them up well before putting on shoes.This is one of the few hint for you,stylish man,to be able to wear your shoes without the socks and still rock it
Wear pants that leave your ankles visible for the world to see. I believe only those shabby careless and dirty men can wear shoes without socks and make sure they hide that fact.
Avoid sweating: This is a tip to avoid smelling bad on your feet,since sweat causes bad odor
If you want to look better sockless,wear loafers want to try the look,go for it :))

Missie Popular


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