Started from the Bottom

I respect people who struggle and hustle for their own are some of those we know and admire,work-wise.
Diamond Platinumz is one of the highest paid Tanzanian artist of this generation. His style and fashion sense didn't just start recently...he was the President of Wasafi,since way back!
Joti and Mpoki are among my favorite comedians since they started their hustle on various TV series/dramas. Looking back at how they where they are,today....If you can't get inspired by them,then you need some prayers.
Ooooohhh...the Big Boss,AY. Remember the East Coast days?! The Upanga boys who rapped like no other?! Ambwene Yessaya (AY) proves that music can be turned into a well paying business,even in Tanzania. Personnaly,I observe his life very closely,just to learn a thing or two.

They started from the bottom and NOW,they have arrived to the peak and are maintaining the climb. Be Inspired

Missie Popular


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