Tanzanian Designer,Diana Magessa,Dazzles at Africa Fashion Reception,Paris

She is the definition of African couture design! Diana Magessa,Tanzanian designer based in Morogoro,is among the very few designers that take time and such creativity,to make her collections
No wonder she gets gigs to dress Miss Tanzania beauties for Miss World Culture costumes! 
Diana Magessa gets her inspiration through nature and then transforms that into these amazing pieces.
Her designs are created from steel,hide,tree branches and other products,sisal..etc
mmmmy...ooooh my!
This is among my favorites designs...that painting of a Maasai lady on the dress,priceless!

Many congrats to Diana for this milestone...the world has noticed you...
Congrats to Benson Kwembe and Aimar Mohhamed,Tanzanian models who accompanied Diana Magessa in this showcase...

If you didn't know Diana Magessa and her work...now you do :)) 

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