The Official Miss World Beach Wear by Astradeco Bali

Astradeco Fashion is an Indonesian fashion brand that makes sarong of various designs and quality. It was established in 1996 and this year Astradeco has scooped quite a deal! Dressing the Miss World beauties for the beach wear category where NO BIKINI will be allowed.
 Indonesia being an Islamic country,prohibited the Miss World organizers from having the bikini beachwear category unless they (Indonesia) design something for the girls which goes with the Indonesian culture. And here it is...the Sarong that will be worn by Miss World contestants
The design comes in different colors and materials...and am anxious to see the color choices for the Miss World beauties. This will be fun to watch,for sure....

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  1. The gorgeous Miss world 2013 finalists will look more elegant and fabulous with sarong. As they walk gracefully in sarongs , they will have a very unforgettable fashion experience in Bali on September 2013 We can surely count on the design and quality of Astradeco Fashion. We wish all contestants an enjoyable trip and stay in Jakarta and Bali , the island of love, Indonesia.

  2. What Exactly is a Sarong? Sarongs for the the world by Astradeco fashion
    Simply put, a sarong is a woven panel of fabric and it's commonly embellished and worn as a garment by both men and women in many countries around the world. They're most versatile, able to be tied on to the body in a wide variety of ways to create short or long skirts, dresses, togas, turbans and more. Sarongs serve more purposes than simply as clothing, though. They're also popular as wall decorations, tablecloths, curtains or even as loose sacks for carrying items. They're some of the oldest garments the world knows, and their functionality and beauty remains relevant today.
    History of Sarongs
    No one knows exactly when people began wearing sarongs. It’s safe to say they have been worn as long as people have been weaving fabric. Because they require no buttons nor complicated fasteners, they're considered to be the simplest garments to create and wear,and early peoples undoubtedly have taken advantage of that fact.