Beyonce debut new hairstyle

From the long blond weaves that identified her,Beyonce made a dramatic change by cutting her hair really short!
She posted these images of her new hair style o her Instagram Page...and the feedback from her fans have been so negative! Many think she looks different,which she does,...but not in a good way.

Am even more intrigued about this change,as it came just few days after Rihanna showed off her natural curly hair :))) coincidence? Maybe...

What do you think?

Missie Popular


  1. Bey is so insecure of Riri!

  2. Anon 3:51 PM...You must be a Riri stan. So Bey cnt do anything of her own now?! What is wrong with you guys?! Aren't you the ones who wanted a change from her?! She is giving it to you and all you can see is her copyn that Riri of yoz.Smh!! Bey does something different with her hair and automatically she is insecured (of that ratchet self *behave pls Bey is a classic lady!!!). I adore the change..she is a natural beauty.