From Evans Bukuku Comedy Show-Last Night

It was a night full of laughter...great stories,amazing craziness and a wonderful crowd...only at Evans Bukuku Comedy Show
Stories ranging from Marriage and Sex...Family issues, Fake Police....Ungrateful bodies that don't get fat even if you eat the whole cow!....and so much more
We saw new talents...the familiar faces..and our guest,the Nigerian Pastor

It was hilarious! The Evans Bukuku Comedy Club members made sure they interact with the audience,make fun of people and situations...and had a very lively show
Oooohh...we als experienced how it is to "Cheza Cheza Bila Kukunja Goti"!!
Hhahahahhahah...Dogo of my favorites in this group of comedians!
Take a Look at the VIDEO below for a glimpse of what we experienced...
More Videos coming on our Youtube Account... 

Missie Popular


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