Good Morning World-Trudy's is Calling

Friday, August 23, 2013 Missie Popular 1 Comments

Ooooh yes...for beauties of all sizes,Trudy's Intimate Apparel is he for you. Lingerie of all types,colors and varieties....
Do you have trouble finding the right place to buy your lingerie? Maybe for the lack of your right size,or for the lack of varieties...or maybe just because the shops lack good taste? Well,your troubles end today...
Get your fashionable and efficient bra,panties, night dresses, corsets and more.,..
Trudy's is a shop located at Mwenge on the same street with Tamal the one storey building adjacent   to the Tamal Hotel...
Visit them today or Call the numbers below for more info and directions....

Stay fashionable both INSIDE and out :))

Missie Popular

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1 comment:

  1. Mi likey! got issues getting the right bras