Jokate Mwegelo to debut her new song

You might have seen various teaser posters of Jokate and Producer,Lucci....either on blogs or facebook,Twitter and Instagram...well,it has reached our table that,Jojo is about to debut into the music industry!
For those who have listened to Jokate singing in a choir,karaoke or anywhere else,you know what we should expect! Oooohhh am so excited!
The words used on the teaser campaign give me an idea...Do you think it will be a LOVE song?..I do...
And this just killed it!! Oooh Gaddamnit!..forgive my French ..but yooo!

We are anxiously waiting for the first listen of the song...go,Jojo!

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  1. Looks really good bt did they have to copy kim and kanye's style on the last pic?