Nelly Kamwelu Like Never Before

Her haters can talk as much as they want...these new images of Nelly Kamwelu speak for themselves...she is da bomb!
They will say you are too skinny,you are fat,you are too black,you are too white,you are too tall,you are too short...anything and everything to bring you down...Well,tell them "I am who I am and am happy with myself"
This is special to all the girls out there who feel insecure about their bodies because of what people say..Well,Nelly Kamwelu did this for your body!..Be proud of your body...Do not be intimidated by those with "fake everything"..they are the insecure ones.
So...African child...celebrate your body...
Whatever your haters say about you...You Are Beautiful!...Yes,YOU ARE :))

Photography: AZH Photography by Ally Zoeb
Styling: Missie Popular

Missie Popular


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