Top Five for Big Brother Africa-The Chase

After the final eviction this Sunday which left Bimp(Ethiopia) and Angelo(South Africa) evicted,the BBA House is left with the Top Five made of the following;
Beverly from Nigeria. She was the housemate in a relationship with South African Angelo..
Cleo from Zambia,the girl who conquered Elikem's heart in the BBA House,and was proposed to by this Zimbabwean hottie... 
Dillish from Namibia...the love of almost all men watching the BBA game! She confused the men in the Chase and continues to shine throughout the game
Elikem from Ghana...oooh he is hated by many! He is one of the catalysts for Nando's eviction which did cost Tanzania a fair chance in the competition.
Last but not least...Melvin from Nigeria. He has managed to hide behind all housemates and survive nominations...he is among the housemates with a fair chance of winning this game..

The LIVE finale of BBA the Chase is on this Sunday and for Tanzania,Airtel is ready to host you at Nyumbani Lounge...get your invitation :))

So,who is your winner?

Missie Popular


  1. im so confused i think melvin or cleo

  2. wrong anymous
    Dillish au Eilkim coz Biggy planned everything u will nijas no cleo