Weruweru Girls Committee Meeting for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations

The Weruweru Girls met this Sunday at Cine Club,Mikocheni..being part of the meetings for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations scheduled for September 21st.
 The different committees and members of the Weruweru Family from the era of Asumpta to present (1963-2012) were all invited for the meeting

 Besides discussing the preparations for the celebrations, the Weruweru girls also had fun talking about their various memories of the Weruweru Days. Do you remember scrabbing the covered-ways? Do you remember burning VIGODORO? hahahah what memories!

 The Golden Jubilee meetings and preparations gave me a chance to meet and know many of Weruweru Alumni that I never knew went to the same school as me! Did you know Dr Asha Rose Migiro went to Weruweru Secondary? What about Ambassador Mwanaidi Maajar? Dr Mary Nagu? Dr. Hellen Kijo Bisimba? Dr. Mary Nagu?....Missie Popular?hahahahha
 Yes...we do run things in all spheres of lives! Now,I know there are so many others out there...Lawyers,Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Teachers, Artists, Engineers, Architects etc...Please register yourself on our DATABASE http://www.weruweru.mediart.co.tz and let's re-connect!
 The Next meeting is on 25,August,2013 at the same place,Cine Club.
Looking foward to seeing many more of my classmates...the Rafikiel, Beatrice Dengenesa, Rachael George, Catherine Matasha, ...RED SKIRTS at its best! What about the Green skirts? The Blue Skirts?All of you...Let's show up at 25,August at Cine Club and remember the good old days :))

Missie Popular


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