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Ndovu has been organizing various inspirational networking chats with different successful individuals in Tanzania,in various spheres of life. Do you remember the ads about chatting with Evans Bukuku, Eskado Bird etc? Well,this time,Ndovu decided to put these individuals on an actual spotlight!
An event that sees the attendance of random guests,the first ever Ndovu spotlight event took place last night at Holiday Inn,in Dar es Salaam.
Three individuals were put on the spotlight and addressed various topics as per the moderators' guidance. A Q&A session let other social media users and the invited guests ask their questionsboth professional   and personal...nothing political :))
These remarkable individuals on the spotlight were Doreen(Eskado Bird designer/Creative), Kamanga (Corporate Lawyer) and Anita (Architect)
The audience was formed of various entrepreneurs, media, business personnel,students etc all who RSVP'd on the advert that was posted on social media.

Anita responded on issues pertaining urban planning, landscape architecture, construction in general...
On the other hand, Kamanga tackled the policy and law issues, while Doreen covered the fashion/design and creative industry. It was upclose and informative,something i would like to take part in,again.
Here are some of the guests who attended the event....

Zuwena, she has a great idea that if it takes off,many lives will be changed.

See you on the next Ndovu Spotlight....when you come across the event banner,do not forget to register and be part of this crowd...there is alot to learn :))

Missie Popular


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