Special Announcement to Weruweru Golden Girls

Dear Weruweru Golden Girls... Our Khanga, T shirts and Mugs for the Weruweru Golden Jubilee are all in the MARKET now...The Khanga designs incorporates our school skirt colors,so you get to wear something that reminds you of those good old days.
 With the Stars that represents us,the shining stars from Weruweru...You can tailor it in any design you want! A dress,a blazer, a skirt,trousers etc...it's all in your choice....:)
 For the mugs,you can either have the ones with Mama Kamm,or the ones with all the legendary women who groomed us throughout. Dr. Maria Kamm, Sister Mary, Mama Msuya, Mama Sambaya...all of them!
 Where to get them? Here are the selling points;
1. Masaki, Chole Road at the Nature's Rumour Dhow Furniture Shop located at the shopping center just before making the turn going to Yatch Club. Contact person is Pamella on tel# 0713 251 703

2. Sinza Kijiweni at Puma Petrol Station super market along Shekilango Road. Contact person is Anna Mushi a Weruweru alumni
Tel# is 0715 307 780
Did you know; You can send in your CONTRIBUTIONS according to your pledges through Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money na M-Pesa..... 0713213771 and 0786213771( Mwanaimani Tuli )... and/or 0763475506-Naelijwa Gadiely.

Kumanya Kupenda Huduma...

Missie Popular

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  1. Hi MP,Thank you for the announcment.But my concern is for us who are not in Dar how do we get those stuff?
    Am in Moshi exactly,help me out.