Under the Spotlight with Ndovu

Ndovu Special Malt is taking its Spotlight concept to new heights by hosting an event called Under the Spotlight. The networking event will feature presentations by three notable Tanzanians with inspiring stories to share. The Spotlight personalities selected for theirinspirational achievements in their various careers include Doreen Noni, Fashion Designer; Anita Kristina Urasa, Landscape Architect; and Corporate Lawyer Kamanga KapingaThe initiative will be held at the Holiday Inn on Thursday 12th September from 6pm.

Ndovu Special Malt began the Spotlight initiative to celebrate young Tanzanians with the confidence to make waves in their respective sectors. Initially the Spotlights were only on Facebook where our 44,000 members could interact with and be inspired by the Spotlights’ success stories. We have now decided to host Under the Spotlight events so these stories can be shared in person with other confident young professionals,” said Pamela Kikuli BrandManager for Ndovu Special Malt.

Ndovu Special Malt is a Tanzanian premium beer with no added sugar that has the confidence to call its self proudly Tanzanian. Over the last three years Ndovu has been consistently awarded Gold by the Monde Selection Committee in Geneva for brewing excellence. By having the confidence to stand and persevere against international brands, Ndovu demonstrated that Tanzanian excellence is world class.

Ndovu wanted to highlight young Tanzanians with the confidence to step forward and make their mark by naming them the Spotlights.  Under the Spotlight is the first of a series of similar events that will bring young Tanzanians to the fore to share their inspiring stories. The inspiration continues on line at the Ndovu Facebook page where the Spotlight app features other notable Tanzanian Spotlights. To register for an invitation to the event please go to the Ndovu Facebook page and click on the Spotlight App. 

Under the Spotlight will be held from 6pm at the Holiday Inn in the Kibo Suite on Thursday 12th September.

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