Welcome to the "Fashion Avenue"- A 2014 Collection by Ally Rehmtullah

Tanzanian Designer Ally Rehmtullah has an ability to surprise people,year after year! Just when you think he is done,he brings something even more magical! His shows are well choreographed, the set  is given its enough share of creativity and investment...Just mind-blowing!
 This year,Ally brought the Dar es Salaam famous streets/avenue into life,live on stage!
 And who best to hit up the stage than the amazing Shaa!? She and her dancing girls did a jaw-dropping performance and the night was never the same...
 And so...the show began....Here are pieces from the Ally Rehmtullah 2014 collection-Fashion Avenue

 One of the best feedback from the audience was : All the pieces are wearable!

Oooooh Ally,we bow down unto youuuu... :))

Missie Popular


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