Weruweru Secondary School Celebrates it's 50 Years Anniversary

This year,Weruweru Secondary School celebrates 50 years of it's operation...marking the Golden Jubilee. It's 50 years of shaping and grooming strong women that leads Tanzania in various ndustries

The event took place at Weruweru Secondary School in Moshi,Kilimanjaro.
Oooohhh how I miss these days!

All these women passed through these same walls and covered ways...and the untouchable out of bound greenery...

Passing through the hands of Mama Kamm, Mama Msuya, Mama Sambaya and these amazing nuns...it has been an experience all of us will cherish,forever...

The Golden Anniversary also marked the launch of Weruweru Alumni Foundation which will connect all Weruweru Golden Girls and also facilitate the fundraising process for rehabilitation of the school facilities.

Long Live Weruweru...

All images by www.joycekiria.com 

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