What I wore at Ally Rehmtullah's Fashion Avenue launch

This is special for you my great reader,Joyous Joy :)
At the Ally Rehmtullah's show,i chose this lace layered long-sleeved dress and red velvet wedges. The dress was comfortable to move  around as i take pictures of the event...while the wedges gave balance on that outdoor grassy environment
A little classy and practical at the same time...As usual,minimal accessories is my thing :))

I hope now you know,Joyous....that's what i wore at Ally Rehmtullah's show...

Images by: Salim Shao

Missie Popular

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  1. Lol finally Mariam!I was getting sick from the curiosity! I love the look sooo much!trying to figure out how u can still look beautiful without being all bling'd!I sure am one proud missie popularian!