Eve Collection Does it Again! A Sneak Peek at her 13/14 Collection

With the amazing Brigitte Alfred as her model,this new collection by Eve Collection defines the meaning of a bombshell!
The details are spectacular! Embroidered bodice wth a mix of bright and neutral colors...
Body-hugging elegant dresses with either a side or mid slit that give you the wearer a chance to move freely while killing people softly with every move!
You get what i mean?
Now,take a look at the back
Eve Collection,thank youuuuuu!
The choice of materials to be used in this collection is so random yet collective!
Why not add some velvet into the mix too?

Am sold!

So...seen anything you would like to purchase?...Personally I want it all...!!!lol
Way to go Eve...can't wait to see all this and more,on the runway....

Missie Popular


  1. Hi missie is that possible to get eve contact number ilive abroad but im in love with eve collection. Plz be advice n help.xxx

  2. Hello Anony,
    Please give her a call at +255 757 370 543... Best of luck