Happy Birthday Mr. President

My President is Dr. Jakaya M.Kikwete...a man of great humor and such a diplomat. We rattle his government alot, from words to riots etc...at the end of the day,we see what he has and still is doing.
As he celebrates his Birthday today....let's wish him many more years and alot more wisdom in leading his team and taking this country forward...
One wish I have for my President; May we have a little more access to the lives inside our white house...We would love to know .... Do you enjoy jogging in the morning?,Does the First Lady cook once in a while? Whats your favorite food?...etc.... It will be such an honor to Humanize our Magogoni,just a tiny little bit. 
Mr. President, Things might not seem to move at you pace BUT I assure you,we see changes. Keep the carriage moving,stay focused and we will go far. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Missie Popular


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