My Views on REDD'S Miss Tanzania 2013

This has been long overdue...but here we go.
I will not be the only person who said this sentence "Miss Tanzania excitement is dead". Do you remember staying awake in-front of that family TV until midnight just to watch Basila Mwanukuzi crowned as Miss Tanzania? or Faraja Kota, Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe etc? Those were the days when Miss Tanzania event meant something to many of us...As Lisa Jensen posted on her Instagram page the day of Miss Tanzania 2013 finals...This event has now been reduced to WHO was there? Who wore what? Best and Worst dressed? (we are guilty on this one)...
Let's see this year's event in all categories; Starting with the venue,Mlimani City was the place of choice and we applaud that...The venue was well decorated with REDD'S colors,ushers well dressed in gold and red..the stage was bigger than other years and the lighting actually made it  very attractive!
The contestants; Let me avoid using the criteria for MODELS to the Miss Tanzania girls...even though I do NOT understand why this rule has to apply...The Miss Tanzanian girls are of average height,all body sizes and very much adorned with lace wigs,weaves,extensions...all things that accentuate their beauty...let's leave it at that...
The winner's prize: Many people got offended by the TOYOTA IST that was given to Miss Tanzania 2013...On my side,I support the decision...WHY...The Miss Tanzania girls are mostly the young ladies of 18-22 years of age who are either still in school or just graduated from college...this is a perfect car to start with,since they can manage to service it. HOWEVER, I am not happy with the EIGHT million extra prize.For an event with over 100 million worth of sponsorship, this award is very LITTLE! Just calculating from the ticket sales,Miss Tanzania winner could have been awarded with not less than 20 million! After all,this is supposed to be her Future Investment as a Tanzanian Treasure,right?
The winners: I have been asked several times on my views on this year's winner...well,I support the judges on the choice. Not because Happiness is the best of the best to represent Tanzania in Miss World 2014,BUT because she was the best of the best from the list of this year's contestants' list. She is a natural beauty with such big brains, she has a talent (for once in Miss Tanzania) she can swim like a fish!!...yes she is short but again,Miss Tanzania does not use the models' height criteria.
The Entertainment (or should i say,lack of): This part was the most annoying in this year's event! When i heard Mike Ross will be performing,i was so ready for a mind blowing performance,oooohhh boy!!!! Majangaaaa!This guy came on stage and i swear the moment he started singing I had to go closer to the stage and confirm it was not Mpoki pulling on us! Bad vocals, loss of breath, un-coordinated dance was just a mess!
And after he was done with whatever he was doing,he left his blazer and mic on the floor...which took over five minutes to be moved off the stage...such was the event Management done by our hosts...
Then along came Lady Jaydee singing..oooppss...imitating the playback CD!! Let me quote the words from the Miss Tanzania 2013 press conference “Nawaomba mashabiki wangu na wale urembo kujitokeza kwa wingi ili kufurahia burudani nzuri toka kwangu na bendi yangu ya Machozi, pia wasanii wenzangu waalikwa naamini watafanya vizuri siku hiyo,” said Lady jaydee...
And on stage I only saw her and listened to a CD playing on the background..what happened to the band i was so looking forward to listen to? Well,i don't have an answer to that since when Lady Jaydee came on stage,she didn't explain the lack of her band....
The Red Carpet: I should applaud all who posed on the red carpet that night! The guests were all looking sharp and beautiful...with an exception of very few...In this category,we had much fun...Well,NOT for those who watched through Star TV though...the coverage was badly talked about..
All in all,here are my recommendations for REDD'S Miss Tanzania.... GET NEW FACES AND TALENTS TO MANAGE THIS EVENT!!! Mazoea huzaa tabia...Having the same people run the management of this event means doing the same things over and over ..while the world has changed..I am not saying LINO should stop doing Miss Tanzania,hell no! BUT while LINO owns the franchise, let other people MANAGE the actual event and bring new ideas (PR, Entertainment, Floor management) etc....

I hope I did not offend anyone..and if i did,well...those are my views,don't take it personally.

Missie Popular


  1. Finally someone who gave an objective review of Miss Tanzania show.

    It is true that the excitement for the show has died unlike those good old days when we used to mark the dates and time when the Show was going to be aired on TV.

    I just hope LINO agency or whoever responsible for Miss Tanzania collaborate with experienced parties who know how to organize such pageants and also include strong professionals to train the girls for the World event.

  2. Miss Tanzania has been there for years!but it is growing in the slowest rate than everything else in the world!worse enough it is like for the past five years it has stopped growing!NO CREATIVITY!we have lost enthusiasm and excitement about it!am not even sure what the standards are in the first place!I see a mixture of everything!the only exciting thing is just the guests!who was there and what they wore! It is a SHAME for this to be a national event!

  3. wht about the master of ceremony of that night M.P???

  4. Hiyo press conference ambayo Jide alisema hayo maneno ni ipi? unajua msipende kurukia vitu msivyokuwa na uhakika navyo 1. Jayd hakuwepo kwenye press conf ya miss tanzania 2. hakulipwa ku perform na band na wao wenyewe ndio walitaka playback muwe mnauliza kabla ya kurukia rukia vitu, sio kujifanya wajuaji tu wa kila kitu.. na msanii anapopanda jukwaani ni kutoa burudani sio kuanza ku explain mapungufu sababu wewe sio mwanamuziki ndio maana huna ujualo kwa upande huo, zingatia na jifunze kuvaa kwanza kabla hujarukia kukosoa vitu vingine