AY Road to CHOAMVA night at Billicanas

Tanzanian artist AY has been nominated twice,for the Channel O Music video Awards 2013 in South Africa. The voting started a month back and on the Twitter battle,we are almost on the top! As a way of reminding all Tanzanians to VOTE for our own,fellow Artist Fid Q hosted this amazing night full of music,at the renowned night club,Billicanas.
B Dozen was the MC of the night and he made sure all AY fans had a great time
There were performances from other known artists like Roma,Ommy Dimpoz,Vanessa Mdee a.k.a V Money,and even new talents got to share the stage with the big names!

One of the highlights of the night was when TID and Ommy Dimpoz burried the beef!
Ooooohhh we love that! Two great artists who just want to make their money and give good music to their fans...no more beefs

Great hosting by Fid Q...By the way,Where did you get that shirt from,Ngosha?! I looove it!

Baba la Baba mwenyewe...AY gave his fans a reminder on why he should WIN all of the two awards he has been nominated for...because he is THE BEST!
Powered by NOKIA Asha...the night was superb!Check out some of the people who showed up for the event

You missed?! Well...make it up to AY by Voting
Remember...the numbers to VOTE are ...

Let's keep voting,people!

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