For Make-up Lovers...Greetings

Yeah..yeah..I know this is a very sensitive subject for many ladies BUT we are going to talk something about it...So...It goes without saying that make-up has taken over natural beauty whereby it has reached a point where a woman can fail to get outside the house without her make-up on...I don't know if we should call it an addiction or inferiority complex or what...?!! I am not a make-up lover at all BUT I do understand the need for dolling yourself up...the society demands for that! However,the sam society is talking and laughing at any girl/lady with BAD,let's spare that part
 What is the right make-up for your skin tone? That should be the first question you ask yourself BEFORE starting to use make-up...Learn about your skin color, your allergies and reactions, is your skin oily or not...?
 Thereafter,learn about the right way of applying make-up... Do you know how to apply foundation? When to apply liquid or powdered foundation...Choose your products wisely by reading the side effects of each
 Personally, MAC is one make-up brand that i trust. Not because it carters for Dark Colored girls BUT also because it is easy to get the Original products,anytime.
 Now...this is something for you to remember everytime you are applying your own make-up...especially on the cheekbone area maana!!! I have seen quite hideous blush application in many of the red carpet events that we cover...
Back to the skin tone/color...look at the above different tones for black girls...where do you fit?
 This is how you look after applying the above...I see myself at the last image (CAROB) In short,try to learn one or two things about yourself before starting to use make-up...every part of your body reacts differently to external interferences.. you might get skin irritation by using make-up with elements that your skin is allergic to...or go blind because of the glue used for fake eyelashes...or even get cracked up lips because of using wrong lipstick for your type of lips....
For those who can not survive without make-up 24/7...I suggest you get clinical advice on the right products to use and the safest ways to use them....If possible,choose the organic ones not destroy your natural beauty for some things that change everyday...

Well,play it safe with those products..

Missie Popular