Swahili Fashion week Awards Nominees...

As promised,here is the list of ALL nominees for various categories of the Swahili Fashion Week 2013 Awards.
Missie Popular has been nominated TWICE...for Best Fashion Blog of the Year and Stylist of the Year. Now,you know we won Best Fashion Blog of the Year,last year...Why don't we do it again? Send your VOTE by writing SFWABLOG03 in your sms and send to 15678... the costs for each message is the same as the normal SMS.

On the Stylist of the Year category...Am sure you have seen our work with Miss Universe Tanzania,The Going Bongo movie trailer of which we dressed the Whole cast on scenes shot in Tanzania....and of course...our work with Nelly Kamwelu, Winfrida Dominic,Maria Tsehai Sarungi,Lisa Jensen (collabo) etc.. To VOTE for Missie Popular,send SFWASY01 to the number 15678... Let's bring these awards,home!
A special message to all Models out there....grab the chance!

Missie Popular


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