When Models become Actors

I applaud the Spanish Film companies for their decision to use models and the most beautiful people as their actors and actresses! Have you ever watched a Spanish Soap opera and found a less-beautiful (am trying to avoid using the word,ugly)... well..person?All of their main actors are beautiful ladies and such handsome men!
 Let's take an example of Santa Diabla ...Amanda Brown is one sexy woman..and the two guys around her..my oooh my!Look at Santiago..one hell of a cookie!
 And the fashion part of these soap operas....spectacular! I would so wish to meet with one of the costume designers for these shows...well...right when my Spanish is better,of course..
 Look at that!!
 I tell you...If you are a fashion lover,these TV programs will get you bad
Aaaannnd here is the whole cast...even the older casts look prettier than many Hollywood actors...let alone Nollywood and the rest of woodies :))

Counting the hours until 5p.m...Telemundo awaits me #SpeakingLikeAJunkie

Missie Popular