Why I watch Spanish Soap Operas...

Am in love with the Spanish Language...totally gone! From the sound to the words and expressions that come with it...and of course,the people :))... That is among the reasons why i watch Telemundo. 
Just look at that creature! Ooooh The Lord is Good!! heheheh...but seriously,the drama in these TV programs is something worth being addicted to! Are you following BELLA? How Lola is surrounded by villains and her love for Marcelo is the only thing positive in her life...breathtaking!
Come on men...you just can't tell me (with a straight face) that this beauty does not inspire you to sit and watch! Blessed with beauty,indeed!

Nowadays my boss just can't figure out what is happening...In our office when it reaches 5p.m,nobody is seen anywhere...our eyes and ears ar glued on the TV...

Gotta say,I have been an addict since the era of La Mujer de Mi Vida and so many other programs that came afterwards...

Which one is your favorite show?

Missie Popular


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