Baki Njia Kuu includes a New Message! curiosity is still on the rise...these white baloons that have beens tationed in all Tanzanian major cities,got our attention...It all started on a Monday morning,driving to work when i met the first baloon with the message #BakiNjiaKuu. I went through social medias (Twitter,Facebook and Instagram) and saw that,I wasn't the only one intrigued...
Yesterday I noticed one more thing...the message included a new sentence... "Michepuko Sio Dili"
the question on everybody's mind is...What is this Campaign about?! I saw Superstars like Carol Ndosi, Elizabeth "Lulu" Michael, Ally rehmtullah, Martin Kadinda, Rio Paul and many more,posted on Instagram and Twitter asking the same message...The comments on their posts is hilarious! Kila Mtu anasema cha kwake!
Will keep following on it and update you...

Missie Popular

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  1. nimetathmini kuhusu huu ujumbe kila kwenye barabara na nahisi unahusu kuwa waendesha magari wapite njia sahihi yaani barabarani na sio kuchepuka pembeni , tangu hii kampeni imeanza traffic wanakamata wenye magari wanaochepuka ama kuchomekea magari.