Dare by Doreen Faith,a Ugandan Designer based in London

Doreen Faith is a Ugandan born and UK bred fashion designer; in December 2012 she showcased a few dresses from her collection which she has been working on since August 2012. She was invitedby the Nile Diaspora International Film Festival committee to showcase her collection at the festival. Her involvement in the event was to introduce her to the Ugandan audience as a designer andpromote her women’s wear label called-DARE which will be based online in the UK from 2014.

“I thought that it would be a great opportunity to promote my label to my country of birth especially at this prestigious event. I have plans of opening DARE shops in Uganda and Africa in the future so part of the objective was to expose my artistry to the Ugandan audience”, explained Doreen Faith. 

Doreen Faith was born on 11th of November 1986 in Jinja, Uganda. She did her nursery and primary education in Kampala, in the late 90’s she moved to the UK with her family where she has settled and been living since then.  She is a 2010 graduate with a combined BA Honours degree in Fashion Design & Marketing obtained from the prestigious London College of Fashion, one of the best and most recognised fashion institutions in the world.

Doreen reminisces that from an early age that she has always been engrossed in fashion which has influenced her to pursue higher education studies in fashion. Her fascination with the technique behind the structure of dressmaking began whilst studying at university as a design student where she has developed a strong skill set for designing, pattern cutting and dress making techniques, all clearly visible in her artwork. Presently she’d setting up her label-DARE and when she’s not working she free-lances as a Women’s wear Fashion Designer.

This ambitious and creative personality has enabled Doreen to keep working and developing her experience in the fashion industry and she strongly believes that her vision, creativity, entrepreneurial skills as well as experience are going to alleviate towards building her career in fashion.

Ladies and Gentlemen,I present to you...Doreen Faith, a Ugandan Designer based in London,UK


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