From the Grammys 2014 Awards

The Grammys are among the prestigious awards in the US.. we love following it all due to the fashion trends that always leave our eyes needing some more...Take a look at this year's red carpet looks..
Notice the two roaring lions?

Macklemore! Never disappoints...wearing a velvet suit,heheheheheh

The woman who fails to gro old..the beautiful Madonna and her son

Ooooh boy!

Giuliana looking Amazingly elegant! comment

All in person caught my eye,big time!
Ooooh yes,King Bey is never shy to show off her curvy body
And this dress was made specifically for that! Aaaaahhh...can you takeyour eyes a little higher plzzzz
And their performance of "Drunk in Love"...ooooh my my! These two took the stage and turned it to their own private room! It was hoooot!

Missie Popular


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