Is Ataui Deng replacing Ajak Deng in the Fashion Industry?

The Fashion Industry is one cruel place to be... With the presence and quite the rise of Sudanese Models in the international Fashion Industry,things are bound to take mysterious turns.

It was very easy for a designer to use Naomi Campbell at that time (for diversity) since black models in the International fashion industry were minimal...Now its another story! For those who followed up on the Ajak Deng Twitter rants after Balmain dropped her,you understand what am talking about.

Now,you gotta understand my shock,come on ..Ajak is one hell of a model!...and I believe she didn't see this move coming either...So,when I came in contact with these great images of Ataui Deng for Marie Claire,I count help but wonder..Is it possible?!
Are designers now getting an abundance of Sudanese models to choose from,to the extent its threatening those who have been in the industry longer?
Remember,most of Sudanese Models look almost alike,in terms of skin tone and features...Take a look at the below ad campaign done by Ajak Deng and Ataui Deng for Benetton....
You see what am talking about,right?!...It's not like the East African models,Tanzania to be specific,where Flaviana Matata,Herieth Paul,Happiness Magesse can all grace the same runway without it being monotonous... 

So,what do you think? Is it really happening for South Sudan,the great producer of world class models? 

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