Meet Denrele Edun-African Young Man with a Unique Fashion Style

I have never met Denrele bit am sure when I do,it will be one great day. This young Nigerian man has one hell of a unique fashion style and I loooove it! He is not shy to experience with his style,be it big hair, a chunk of jewels or 12 inch Lady Gaga style kinda high heels! 
He works with Channel O in the same team with our girl Jokate....
Check out those shoes....dayyyum!
Denrele is fierce and such a free spirit! Many people especially in Nigeria, are caught-up with the excitement of finding out his sexuality ...and i must say,I understand why...he is awesome!!
When I said he is not shy to experience with his style,this is what i was talking about...
All in all...I like this young man's sense of fashion and style...And If you never knew of Denrele,I guess now you know a tiny bit....

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  1. Haha can't believe he actually wore heels that high,im shocked and at a loss for words.