Elizabeth "Lulu" Michael covers Vibe Magazine

After Wema Sepetu now its Lulu on the cover of Vibe Magazine
This cover has brought lots of talk on social media,many condemning Lulu and theVibe magazine team for copy paste issues...See the below;
Rihanna once did this pose with an almost replica of the styling done on Lulu...this was for the GQ magazine of which the cover appeared like this;
On her defence,Lulu argued the difference between copying and being Inspired with an idea...and to her,the team was just inspired with the GQ cover and created their own...

What do you think?

Oooops,don't forget to Grab your copy to read more .....

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  1. Here is what I think...oh my God that hair style is horrible atleast she could have done the one as Riri but the hair no way and I have seen waaaay too better if not fab!fab!pics of lulu than this one,and the looks like she was.not comfortable in that posture,hajarelax kabisaaa,..that's it