PUKU- A Portable Charger created by a Tanzanian

PUKU is a new fashionable and yet very practical portable charger that has made headlines everywhere! Better yet,it is a product by a Tanzanian diaspora living in the US,Mr Meck...The portable charger comes in various colors and has been embraced by the fashion and entertainment individuals who have a very busy social life and usually struggle with charge issues.

Even Anna Delo Russo got one!

This is Mr Meck,the founder and owner of the PUKU business. By the way,Puku is the name of one specie of African Antelope found in Tanzania,South Africa and Botswana...
This is one great achievement,kudos to you,Meck!! 

To get more info and/or to purchase your own PUKU...Visis http://www.gotpuku.com

Missie Popular


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