Women Celebrations 2014,a Great Success

Monday, March 10, 2014 Missie Popular 0 Comments

Women Celebrations, the annual event that gives women in Dar es Salaam a chance to meet, network and learn new things from one another..Well,plus show off their various fashionable styles and of course,have fun!
 The red carpet experience is usually one of my favorite as you meet all types of African Print styles and designs!
 Hair, Make up and Accessories...amazing! Now,this year's Women Celebration took place at Diamond Jubilee,with Mama Aisha Bilal being the guest of Honor...
 When she arrived, Mama Bilal visited the exhibition booths that were showcasing their products at the venue, Nancy Sumari's children books being among those...
 The red carpet was graced...and then our event kicked off..
 God was praised through gospel songs...motivation talks by the amazing Mwanahamisi Singano of OXFAM Tanzania, we had lunch and the floor was open for some dancing...
 I mean...dancing! The "Queen" Khadija Kopa made sure everyone danced to her Taarab songs that just leaves you swinging to the beat...
 Ahem.... one moment! Do you remember Maina from Bongo Star Search 2013? Well,she did some crazy ish on that stage i tell'ya! My jaw dropped to a new low,that evening! Visit our Youtube account (Missie Popular) to see the videos
 Sugua Gaga...daaaayum! Shaa and her girls did what they do best,entertain. Sugua Gaga,Siri ya Penzi and more songs were performed
The night ended with a shot of Oldies by DJ Peter Moe...

If you missed it,pole sana.... Stay right here for the red carpet pictures.

Missie Popular

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