Atsoko takes us through the Secrets of TV Make-up

We have been witnesses to alot of scary make-up ideas,especially when the made-up faces are hit by the camera lights. This problem has been facing many Celebrities both on TV shows and even the images from red carpet events...

So,we had a sit down with one of the biggest Make-up brands trending in Dar es Salaam, Atsoko. The interview started with Ms  Maryciana Naivasha , a make-up artist from Atsoko who are the official makeup supplier and sponsor for the new TV station TV1 Tanzania. Mary is the lady who glamors Jokate and Ezden for the ONE Show.We asked Mary to take us through on how to do make-up for the camera
 "For TV it is important to create a calm, classy and clean look. When working we are very careful and sensitive, it takes a lot of patience. It must take time, you can’t rush through it or use too much of any product. Our work is about our instinct, finding the right shade is adventurous, as I like to describe it" says Maryciana
 She continued....  "The team at TV1 like when we explore new colors for the different shows. Our trick is to be playful with colors, for instance, use nude eyeshades to make it look lighter instead of smoky, mixing two lipsticks together gives a new color, or change the shades of the blush. I work this way especially when the team has two shows in one day; then the secret is not to ruin the original make up by rubbing it out but improving by making small changes on the original makeup. Because you don’t really have time to redo it" 

A question popped into my head..since I am aware that Atsoko are the Sole Agent for Sleek Makeup in Tanzania,I wondered if that trick works only with the Sleek makeup...

"It is better with Sleek. Sleek Make Up has beautiful colors for lipsticks, which last for a long time. I like the options of mixing matt or using the cream lipsticks" says Maryciana

 And when we asked her on the challenges of working with celebrities on make-up for TV,she said...

"People have strong personalities and sometimes the work can be challenging and stressful due to time limitation, so it is important to stay professional and do the job so that at the end of the day it is all very real, charming and funny. Making the customers laugh is good so that we can be comfortable around each other" 
After talking to Maryciana, I turned to Marie Englesson, the CEO for Atsoko. I just wanted to know, why did they choose to sponsor  TV1 and specifically the ONE Show?

"Giving our clients great products, great customer service and professional advise on makeup is our passion and that is also the reason why TV1 has chosen us as their make up artist and make up sponsor,It’s all about being professional and having fun!" she said.

I wanted to record a tutorial BUT again I thought it won't be as practical as if YOU visit them yourself and learn from Maryciana.Did I mention that  Maryciana pursued a course at the International Academy of Health and Skin Care in South Africa for 8 months, specialized in Nail Care and Make Up before joining Atsoko?! oohhh yes,She KNOWS what she is talking about! 

Atsoko is located at Mikocheni B,Manyara Street along the road that leads to the old Rodizio place

All images by AZH Photography

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