What Makes a Successful Female Model?! Flaviana Matata shares her Views.

We receive lots of questions pertaining this subject, what are the qualities of a successful female model ? Well,Missie Popular is NOT a model and could not answer this question directly, so we looked for the best professional we know...Supermodel Flaviana Matata.
 M.P: Heeey boss,we are writing this post about qualities of a successful female model...what are your views?

Flavvy: Boss ndo naamka yaani...well,for me a successful female model needs to have both physical and charismatic qualities. The physical ones include height, waist and hip sizes. For a female model to be able to work anywhere in the industry, she has to be at least 5'8 or 5'9 and above in height, with waist of below 25 and hips not more than 35/35.5
 M.P: Okay..so she needs to be tall. What about the charismatic qualities you mentioned?

Flavvy: It's not easy to take very good pictures,especially for magazines and adverts,if you can't play around while taking pictures. Any successful model needs to be able to take great pictures by giving various poses. 
 M.P: Lakini boss, if a model has great bone structures or great eyes etc,don't you think it helps?

Flavvy: Of course they help,boss. Look at Tyra Banks' eyes, or Naomi's bone structure...a model with good bone structure and other facial features has a good chance of making it in the business but that's not all. If you don't know how to use those features to your advantage,you won't pass in any modeling agency. A model needs to know how to play around with her looks
 M.P: We see lot's of Tanzanian aspiring models with great walks on the runway but they don't get far,why is that?

Flavvy: Determination. Tanzanian female models are okay with being ushers and receptionists of various events. I think if a model wants to get far,they would prepare an impressive profile and work to achieve their goals, I did it,why not you?
M.P: Mmmhh that's very true...well,kwa mtu ambaye up to now they didn't understand you at all,what are the key things you would like to leave them with? As aspiring models,of course...

Flavvy: HEIGHT,SIZE and ATTITUDE...Those are key things for a model to have in order to be successful. Be of the right height as required by the Modeling Agencies, Have the right size of hips and waist...and of course,maintain a good attitude of doing the best in all of your works.

M.P: Thank you much,boss....Ujumbe umefika. Let's hope the aspiring female models in Tanzania will work on it,we need more of you in the International fashion Industry....

Flavvy: Thank you too boss.Am working on a certain project that might help on that part,I will let you know when all is in plan.

Well,to all aspiring models out there,now you have it....Thank me later

Missie Popular

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