Meet Noel Ndale, a Law Degree student with a passion for Fashion

Today,lets talk about this young and quite stylish kiddo (only I,call him .Noel Ndale is his name. Most of you might know Noel through his posts on Instagram and Facebook,and also his close friendship with Stylist,Rio Paul.
Noel is a student at Tumaini University in Iringa and I must say,he is giving his fellow students something to learn from...fashionwise!
He rocks pieces from Tanzanian designers,mixed prints and more...

And since Iringa has such weather to allow for the fall/winter looks,Noel rocks it all..

Lets just say...If you never knew of this kiddo,now you do...There are so many fashionistaz in Tanzania and we will keep giving space for them here at the M.P Blog

Keep it stylish,Noel...

Missie Popular


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