Trending- The Skirt Over Trousers

I am very sure that I am not the only one who has parents that believed a girl needs to have either a skirt or a dress on top of any tight-firting trousers! My dad actually makes me wear that up to now,I literally CAN NOT wear plain tight trousers infront of my father,unless i have a skirt or mini-dress on top...So,imagine how happy I was to see this "dad's trend" actually trending!?!
The skirt over trousers is one new fashion trend that i will proudly rock! 
The best way is to choose tight trousers and a round mini skirt that compliments it..the skirt or minidress can be either colorful or of distinctive patterns
Not only is it on the streets,the skirt over trousers trend has already been showcased on runways too!
See what i mean?!

I looove the trend...will you try it?

Aaahhhh ofcourse the amazing Anna Delo Russo has rocked the trend too!

So,don't think its only Kanye West and Diamond Platinumz who rocked the trend,you can try it too :))

Missie Popular


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