Bang! Magazine celebrates 10 Years of Fashion and Lifestyle

Am sure you have read the bang! magazine sometime within the 10years of their operation... 
They brought to us inspiring stories, fashion and lifestyle news... Now they are 10 years old...Join the Bang! team to celebrate this Anniversary at Escape 1,Mikocheni.

Get your tickets at Kiki Fashion Store- Oysterbay, Beauty point -May fair plaza, Seki land of fashion- opposite shoppers plaza, Bang! office, Shear illusion stores- Mlimani city and Millenium plaza, SS Saad- Engine- Mbezi, Total- Quick shops in Town, Mlimani city, Morocco and Kariakoo.

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  1. Huyo shamim kawa celebrity wa kuficha mwanae kama kina kim lol too funny mbona wa kwanza alimuweka ,wabongo tunapenda makuu ,hahahaha