Diamond Platinumz gets a Hollywood Star!

Looks like it will be a long way until we stop using the Instagram pictures...why,all stars post their business on Insta...lol...
Tanzanian artist Naseeb a.k.a Diamond Platinumz makes another history! He just revealed the Hollywood walkway star that has beend edicated to him as the BET Nominee from Africa!
I can imagine being speechless after seeing that!!! Uwiiii this kid is an INSPIRATION indeed! Ukifanya Kazi kwa Bidii,matunda yataonekana tu!
So...the BET Awards weekend kicked off with interviews and a party last night...
We are intrigued by what Diamond wore for the party... is that a double-pants trend i see?

Well,fingers crossed for Tanzania this Sunday..we hope the award comes back home too! Goodluck to Naseeb and his entire Wasafi Team and management... Keep Inspiring

Missie Popular


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