Wedding Essentials

So,let's see what are the essential items to remember during your wedding. To start with, plean your day in advance...Am not talking about the committee plans,no...YOUR OWN plans for making that day easy and fun for you. Start by writing down the things you need for all the events that come with your wedding. For Tanzanians, there is a Kitchen Party/Bag Party, Send Off Party, Church/Mosque service and the Reception.
 For the Bride, let all your outfits be ready at least a week before the events start. Besides the dress, plan you shoes,accessories, hair style and even the perfume (When You smell goo,you feel good)
 After the initial events come the wedding... Since this is a big day for you, assign the ring holding assignment to the Matron/Patron of your wedding, to avoid missing the rings in front of the Priest :)
 Let your wedding style be your own... Yes, I have seen lots of weddings where the bride/groom try to look like someone else and its just horrible! Remember,this is YOUR DAY! So,live it to the fullest,enjoy it, look it!
 There are so many bride dresses of various styles. If you are big-chested and uncomfortable with your shoulders and boobs being bare, try something that covers a little. If you are a Muslim but still love to have a wedding dress that is fashionable , try using lace to cover the cleavage, hands and back...
 Make sure your bridesmaids and groom's company compliments you two... Have you ever gone to a wedding and witness the Bride's matron looking more like a bride than the actual bride? Choose your outfit and the bridesmaids' outfits together,to avoid such incidences
 As a couple, compliment each other with your choice of attires. A little flower from the bride's bouquet to the groom's pocket makes a remarkable difference
 After the wedding, try to change into something more relaxing. Going through the long reception event with your long tailing wedding dress and shawl is just too much. A simple evening wear might be just what you need
All in all, plan your day and enjoy it...

This might be more of a post for me than for many of you :))

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