Attention; Weruweru Alumni in the Diaspora

Hello Weruweru Golden Girls!
 Now, we have been receiving lots of inquiries on how the Weruweru Alumni community living outside of Tanzania, can get access to the Khanga, Tshirts and Mugz of Weruweru Alumni?! ...Today,let me help you all with the answer.
 Our Alumni Association leaders and Steering Committee will be traveling in different countries for their personal and official duties... What they will be doing is, CARRYING a number of Khanga, Tshirts and Mugs for those Alumni who will be ready to buy them. How would you get them?
 Get in contact with ME through and place your order. Your email should include the number of pairs of Khanga you need and the city you are from and I will do the needful to ensure the package reaches you! is as simple as that!... Don't let the movement pass you, grab your memorabilia and feel the Weruweru love wherever you are!

 Oooooh I love these women! My Weruweru family...
 The Prices for these items are GPB 5 for those in UK and 10$ for the rest...

Share the Weruweru experience with the world ....Grab your memorabilia Today

Missie Popular


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