Reign- A Couture TV Series?

Am sure by now you know am a lover of TV series... From Sex and the City, Prison Break, Game of Thrones ...I watch it all...and today, let me bring you another one of my favorites,Reign.
The story surrounds the life and struggles of Mary,Queen of Scotland who is wedded to Francis,PCrown Prince of France...Its a great story topped up by the presence of such Couture fashion to die for!
 The dresses worn in this TV program,myyyyy ooh my!
 Need I add anything more?
And it's not Mary the Queen only who dresses up,all the women in this series are styled in a remarkable way... These costumes makes you wish to have a closet full of all the 18th C dresses,lol

If you have not seen the program yet,and you are a fashionista...I would recommend you give it a try

Missie Popular


  1. Try Korean Dramas too they are so nice and in fashion too...I recommend "My Love from another star".

    1. Ooooh thanks much Bertha! Will check that out..