Tanzanians on the Spotlight

Tanzania is constantly on the news worldwide,thanks to its remarkable citizens who amaze the world in various spheres of life. Did you know that the trending Powerbank device called PUKU is of a Tanzanian innovation? Yes,Meck Khalfan is the founder and he was put on the spotlight by Y! Africa magazine
 That's the Innovation and Entrepreneurship category...Now,let's go to the music industry where Cindy Rulz needs your VOTES!
 Visit this Link undergroundmusicawards.com to give her your vote and ensure Tanzania gets this Award....
 Come to the Fashion Industry....Herieth Paul is at it again! This time she appears in Harper's Bazaar UK, the August Issue.
 Keep shining,doll!!

Tanzania kwanza is the motto....Keep making us proud,people!

Missie Popular


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