What I wore at Mustafa Hassanali-Meremeta Night

I must say ...I liked the look! I rarely dressup for events mainly due to the work of running around throughout the events..however,this one was different. Lately I have been chilling on events and let my team work on getting pictures etc,not easy but veeeery helpful!...So, during the Meremeta na Hassanali night, i went for this Jovani one-armed black dress from Beauty Point, the best selection by Faiza of Beauty Point at MayFair Plaza.
The dress has a side slit and draping details on one arm... Thus, to accesorize it,I chose a baby green and gold statement necklace, gold earrings, a gold ring and gold-black metallic clutch
The dress hugged well with my body and showed off what I usually DON'T show off,...heheheh... I hope you like the look like i did... 

Thank you Noel Ndale for taking these pictures....

Missie Popular


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