Throwback Thrusday- Red Carpet of Kili Awards 2012

Thursday, September 18, 2014 Missie Popular 0 Comments

It was a great fashion event,regardless of the music awards involved in it...All we saw were great fashion and style trends....

 From the Mustafa Hassanali train-dresses to the side slits that were trending.

 Asymmetry was in seen on blogger Sintah

 You remember Bibi Cheka? Yes, I took that picture and it circulated fast!...Ooh..Tanzanian designer Eskado Bird also dressed several people that night,including Clouds TV's Shadee

 Men looked their best! Tanzanian Artist Izzo Buziness was among top list of best dressed for men

 Jay Moe was seen back on the spotlight for a flick of a second,then disappeared again...Blogger Shamim holding the most trending item of 2012,the African Print clutch...

 Need I say more?

 Oooohh the usual suspects on the red carpet were there,.Model Myler rocking a Khadija Mwanamboka design and Jackie Cliff making the red carpet experience worth-a-while

 By the way, this was also the highlight moment for designer Martin Kadinda and his Single Button blazers...

I never noticed this then but looking back,i think there was a lot of matchy matchy going on that night...

Well, get ready for the season of events coming up... Miss Tanzania, Swahili Fashion Week, Red Ribbon Fashion Gala, Women's Celebration, Kili Awards and more...

Missie Popular

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