Dear Readers- Am Married

Saturday, October 18, 2014 Missie Popular 6 Comments

Dear my esteemed reader,you might have noticed the slow pace on posting for the past three months,well...this is why...
My husband and I...hahaha still sounds husband....well,we were on that journey to unite our two families and we are glad on Friday 17th,that milestone was achieved.

So,Missie Popular has a Mr Popular and we are happy to share the news with you.

The blog will resume its pace in November,stay right here...

Missie Popular

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  1. Congratulations Mr &Mrs Popular. Looking good!!♥

  2. MashaAllah. Allah awape kheri kwenye ndoa yenu. Na believe me.....umependeza sana dear

  3. Hongera sana
    Mungu awe no 1 katika ndoa yenu.

  4. Karibu katika maisha matamu ya ndoa.

  5. Da! kwanza hongera halafu umenikosha kujua kuwa ni muislamu, na umenikosha zaidi kwa kutunza hijabu katika hafla yako hii muhimu... Allah akupe baraka katika ndoa yako Mrs Popolar lol... love u always dada!