Going Bongo-An American Tanzanian movie making Headlines

Thursday, November 13, 2014 Missie Popular 0 Comments

 Going Bongo... an American and Bongo film making headlines! With scenes from both USA and Tanzania,the film is set around Dr. Lewis,an American doctor who gets auctioned for a two weeks volunteer work in Tanzania...

 He leaves his very ambitious fiancè at home and embarks on a journey to Africa,for the first time...what he finds surprises him on one hand and makes him fall in love,on the other...
 From Day One in Dar es Salaam,the busies city in Tanzania ...he gets to experience why the place is nicknamed,Bongo....you need to have really good brains to survive :)

 And the situation in Tanzanian hospitals is another new experience for this Los Angeles doctor...

 So,when he started falling in love in Tanzania,you can imagine what his ambitious fiancè had to do next....
 Hell broke loose!
If you are yet to see the Going Bongo movie,make those plans now....Plus...a city yo city tour is coming up soon...Keep it right here for all details

Did I mention the wardrobe on this movie was designed and managed by Missie Popular? :)

Missie Popular

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