Throwback Thursday- Karaoke Night at Runway 2012

Thursday, November 06, 2014 Missie Popular 0 Comments

One of my favorite events in 2012 was the Karaoke Night at Runway,Mikocheni...organized by Choice FM through The Fix program
 People showed off their talents....and this was when I first heard Vanessa Mdee,before she became the V Money we see today....
 Yes...that is Vanessa Mdee and Hellen Kiwia killing the airwaves with their amazing voices!
 This ooh my! He can sing!
 It was a great event and I had so much fun every time i passed by...

I have no idea what happened...but there is no more Karaoke night at Runway Lounge!! :(

Well, thats me going down memory lane...

Missie Popular

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