Good "Winners" Morning Tanzania!!

I absolutely love the way this year ends....Tanzania on top of everything..we runnin' Africa!! This weekend marked another amazing Marketing for my country, after Tanzania's housemate in Big Brother Africa "Hotshots" Idris Sultan managed to grab the USD 300,000 almost 525,000,000 Million Tshs as the winner of this year's contest! He looked amazing in his Sheria Ngowi suit and we couldn't be any prouder!
The winning went on...and this time we took an award IN Nigeria, making Davido antsy to the extent of ranting on Twitter that we "cheated" once again...Usipate picha mtiti wake alioupata...he must be regretting much right now....Congrats to Diamond for yet another win at the Future Awards 2014!

Now....if we stick together as Tanzanians, things move to our favor...We have the POWER,y'all!!! Let's move out attention to this beauty....
All you need to do is download the Miss World App through the link below....

Then lets VOTE VOTE VOTE and make our own girl shine at Miss World 2014. Happiness Watimanywa,everyone...that is our next "PROJECT" :)))

Missie Popular


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