M.P Male Style Icon of 2014- Naseeb a.k.a Diamond Platinumz

This part was a hard choice! With many Male celebs changing their wardrobe in 2014,who to pick for this title?! Well,after a considerable amount of time pondering and reviewing,Diamond took the title.

We are not going to look back to Diamond's colourful matchy matchy outfits of 2010,because we already talked about those,last year...This time we look at style highlights of this Tanzanian star,and why we think he makes it to the M.P Male Style Icon of 2014
 Remember these stripped pants?! Watu waliongea hadi povu likatoka but heey...it was a well taken risk and we applaud Diamond for always trying something trendy and new...Our Style-Stalking for Diamond started when he got a chance to perform at Big Brother Africa and for the first time we didnt see too much matchy matchy colors all over,see the below...
 To M.P,this was the birth of a new style icon and we got intrigued from there on...
 He rocked African Prints,Arabian styles,Pop styles ..you name it!
 Even when went back to 1800's and wore a leather skirt,we liked the look!
 A style icon to M.P is that person who rocks trends and defines his own style within the trends...at the same time,influencing those around him/her to try their style...And that is exactly what Naseeb a.k.a Diamond has done throughout 2014
 How many young males in Tanzania have knocked on Sheria Ngowi's doors after Diamond started to wear his suits?! And for those who could not afford Sheria,we see the imitations from Fundi Juma :))
All in all, this young man has secured the top seat on M.P Male Style Icon of 2014 and we gladly crown him that title...

Keep shining,cause M.P is always watching.

Missie Popular


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